Tournament Gen 9 Random Battles Open - (Won by MrSoup)

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Not to mention that Palossand's Hypnosis, if it had hit Squawkabilly, could have caused Koraidon to do a lot of damage to your team without Quick Attack to help you. Anyway. Pokémon. Good luck to everyone still in the tournament, including you Kinetic1000. I tried my best, but coming out in the semi finals for my first individual random battle tournament on smogon (I believe it was, if it wasn't the first, it was one of the few because I don't remember exactly) is something cool.

I will participate in more tournaments. For everyone reading this message, I will still win future individual AND/OR team random tournament(s). I don't know when it will be, but it will happen.
i'm starting to see your point


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To be explicit, btw:

The deadline for the reset-finals is Sunday, November 12th at 11:59 PM EST. We may start reducing the window in further weeks, should the finals reset again-again.
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